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City Rider

We beat traffic, reduce costs and ensure reliability

Real Time Tracker

Always stay in the loop by tracking and monitoring your deliveries in real time using the City Rider App from pickup to delivery


Get matched automatically to the nearest available dispatch rider or carrier in your area.

Estimated Delivery Time

Stay up to date with speed and know the time it will take for your rider to pick-up from you and time it takes to deliver

Take your business further

We make on-demand deliveries work for everyone

Cost Saving

Instant Deliveries start at 1500 UGx. NO Signup fee.

Instant Delivery

Delivery at the Speed of Light Average Pickup time: 20Min*

Goods in Transit Insurance

Standard Goods in Transit covering all deliveries

Stable & Reliable

No Surge Pricing, rather enjoy weekend Discounts and Freebies

Meet Our Team

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Ngabirano John Patrick


Patrick is a young entrepreneur with a high sense of business acumen. Being the master brain of the City Rider idea, he has tirelessly worked on developing and improving the brand overtime.

Asiimwe Aurelia


Aurelia’s strengths in accounting, client management and coordination skills have led to the steady growth of City Rider.

Kato Emmanuel


Emmanuel is a dedicated co-founder and a main key player in decision making especially regarding company growth, performance and human resource.

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